Obama’s Hate Couture Divas


Pro-Obama thuggery has never been so stylish.

Slate Accuses Ann Romney of Sexism


Democrats were stunned by Ann Romney’s speech and as they gather their resources, they have to find a way to attack her. Allen West was accused of racism and now Ann Romney is being accused of sexism

War on Women: Media Bashing of Ann Romney Begins

As soon as Ann Romney finished delivering a passionate speech that reminded people of what a real First Lady is like, the media launched its own War on Women.

‘We Built It’ Resounds at RNC’s First Night


GOP convention kicks off with guns blazing and a unified message.

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The Left’s War on Ann Romney — on The Glazov Gang


Leftist film producer Tommi Trudeau joins Dwight Schultz and Evan Sayet on the gang — and the fireworks ensue.

The Democrats’ Fear of Romney’s Little Housewife


The Left loses its first attack against Mitt’s “wild card.”

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