Lying Liar Anthony Weiner’s Underage Girl Problem


Could the disgraced congressman possibly be too sleazy for New York City?

Anthony Weiner & Huma Abedin vs. NYC


The problem when the wife of a prospective NYC mayor is a Muslim Brotherhood operative.

Secretary of State Huma Abedin?


Inseparable from Hillary Clinton, how high will the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrator go?

Why Weiner Ranking Second in the Dem Primary is a Good Thing


John Liu is still under investigation for campaign finance fraud after raising sizable amounts of money from fake donors. Liu has been accused of being an agent of Communist China, and has obsessively focused on outreach to Muslims.

Anthony “Huma” Weiner Preparing to Run for Mayor


If Weiner pushes ahead, he will be going into a primary against the front-running lesbian, Christine Quinn, Bill de Blasio, who is slightly to the left of Joseph Stalin, and John Liu, who may be an agent of Communist China and may be headed to jail over campaign finance fraud

Weiner Scandal Shows How Low Liberalism Has Sunk


The overall reaction of the Left to the affair borders on surreal.

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Defenders of the Weiner


Alec Baldwin and the usual suspects step to the plate.

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Weiner’s Fool’s Gold Attack

*Mar 13 - 00:05*

Was the Congressman’s assault on Goldline really aimed at Glenn Beck?

Meet Anthony Weiner, the Dem Attacking Glenn Beck

*Apr 14 - 00:05*

In February of this year, New York Democrat Anthony Weiner said, from the House floor: “Make no mistake about it. Every single Republican I have ever met in my entire life is a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry.” In March, Weiner launched an assault against “right-wing” media, accusing them of having disseminated “an enormous amount of […]