Teach Your Children Well


A band of committed parents and activists take a stand against anti-Israel education.

PBS Broadcasts Anti-Israel Claims from Writer Who Thinks Jews are Space Lizards

alice walker

We see them here as the descendants of the reptilian race that landed on our planet…

Glorifying Fringe Jewish Extremists at the NY Times


How vital is it to provide a prominent platform to religious anti-Israel Jews?

New York’s Old Anti-Semitic Marxist Gang


There are the faded lefty celebs like Eve Ensler, Anne Roiphe and Erica Jong Alan Alda’s wife.

The Left Against Zion


Can the advance of the anti-Israel movement be reversed?

Trying to Give Scholarly Respectability to the ‘Right of Return’ Fantasy


Jew-haters prepare to descend on Boston University.

Insane Occupier Attacks Pro-Israel Student for Writing “The Jewish People Live”


This is the left in all its glory. Meet Gabrielle Silverman (“my treesitter name is millipede”)

Pink Anti-Semitism Is No Different from Brown Anti-Semitism


Shame on anyone who exploits his or her sexual orientation to promote Jew-hatred.

CUNY Welcomes Jew-Hating Gay Activists

Sarah Schulman

Anti-Israel hate-fest set to bash the only safe haven for homosexuals in the Middle East.

Rise of the Anti-Israel Evangelicals


Bedrock support for the Jewish State among Christians comes under attack.