No Mere “Hate Crime”

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How the “hate crime” label diminishes the evils of anti-Semitism and Nazism.

Israel’s Worst Enemy: Lies and Myths


Piercing through the false narrative.

Terrorists on Campus


Open season on the Jews at San Francisco State University.

Gunter Grass and the Waffen SS

Gunter Grass

German novelist, Nobel Laureate . . . and apologist for evil.

Campus Brownshirts Rising


The disturbing new heights of anti-Semitic fanaticism at U.S. universities.

Lessons for Israel From America’s Civil War in Coping With Treason


The price Israelis should pay for disloyalty and sedition.

And When He Cried the Little Children Died in the Streets

Pro-Palestinian demonstration to boycott Israel

The British Left’s obsessive hatred of Israel — and complacency toward genuine evil.

Indivisible Anti-Semitism


Why Jew hatred and the BDS movement can’t be separated.

FDR to Stalin: “I Would Give Saudi King 6 Million Jews”


“We know there is no Jewish blood in our veins, “

Activists Rally for Israel in New Orleans

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 11.48.36 PM

Students confront rising Jew-hatred on the American campus.