Kasim Hafeez – A Story of a Miraculous Transformation


A former anti-Israel activist tells why he turned from hate.

Israel and the Other PA: Perfidious Albion


The dark world of anti-Semitism in British popular opinion and officialdom.

It’s Time to Beat the Jew-Haters


The rise of elite anti-Semitism — and how the Jewish community should respond.

Anti-Semitism Denial


Leftist professors and doublethink.

Beyond Ferguson


Race-based violence in the rest of the country — and what can’t be said about the perpetrators.

Israel Bashers’ Phony Contrition

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 1.13.04 AM

European high society launches a vicious anti-Semitic attack against the Jewish State.

Unity With the Persecuted


Senator Ted Cruz and Author Eric Metaxas at the “In Defense of Christians” Summit.

Hatred Masquerading as Scholarship in the Classroom


… And how your tax dollars fund it.

Tolerating Hate Is Not an Option


My speech to the United Nations against the evils of anti-Semitism.

Hamas Supporting Yale Chaplain Blames Jewish “Bullying” for Resignation


“Hamas’ continuation of the armed resistance tells Israel and the world that their spirit is not broken.”