Telling the Truth About the War


It’s not about what Obama didn’t do — it’s about what he did.

I’m Make-Believe Outraged!

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 1.44.43 AM

A Truth Revolt video.

Israel’s Blind Watchmen


What good is military prowess when we refuse to see the threats ahead?

Obama’s Foreign Policy: Theatre of the Absurd


A source of derision and amusement in domestic as well as foreign circles.

Obama’s Israeli-Turkish Detente Goes Bust


Why the critics were right to pan Netanyahu’s apology to Islamist-controlled Turkey.

Radical Environmentalism and Second Thoughts


Some of the movement’s main leaders say sorry — but is an apology really enough?

Crowning Erdogan as the New King of Islamists

Masked Hamas militants hold a banner bea

The dark consequences of Netanyahu’s apology to Turkey.

The Meaning and Consequences of Israel’s Apology to Turkey


The price for saying sorry for responding lawfully to unlawful aggression.

The Freedom to be Silenced


The government must choose between defending American values and defending Muslim values.

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Turkey’s Hypocrisy Over Gaza


Where is the international outrage over the 20-year blockade of Armenia?

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