New Islamic Caliphate Declares Jihad on … Muslims


Why ISIS targets fellow Muslims.

Islam: ‘Appalling and Abhorrent’ in the Eyes of a Blind World?


Why refusing to identify the problem of Islam will ensure more victims like Meriam Yehya Ibrahim.

Danish-Iranian Artist Shreds the Koran


A bold statement from an apostate.

Islam and Human Rights


Why there can never be compatibility between the two.

An American Christian’s Letter from an Iranian Prison


While Pastor Saeed Abedini is brutalized in Evin Prison for his infidel faith, what exactly is our administration doing about it?

Muslim Clerics: Kill All Who Insult Islam


In the new Egypt, clerics openly call for the murder of apostates and blasphemers.

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The World’s Oldest Sickness


The Gaza flotilla incident reminds us that the destiny of the Jew is to be eternally unsafe in this world.

Ohio Imposes Sharia on an ex-Muslim Girl – by Jamie Glazov


Why is Rifqa Barry in solitary confinement and denied access to “pastoral guidance”?