More people died in Ira Einhorn’s apartment than at Three Mile Island

Earth Day is now just over a week away. As schools, the media and all levels of government prepare to lay on yet another layer of misinformation manure, be sure to have your facts at the ready. (And not just the one about how April 22 just happens to be Lenin’s birthday…)
This week, George Will [...]

Political Sex, Lies and TMI: Meghan McCain Asks “How Much is Too Much?”

The other night I endured Barbara Walters’ 20/20 interview with Jenny Sanford,  crudely titled, “The Woman Who Didn’t Stand By Her Man.”  (It’s come to my attention that 20/20 has since changed the title to an entirely more acceptable, “Stand By Your Man?”  It’s good to know I wasn’t alone in my ridicule of the [...]