Obama Still Trying to Appease North Korea

A North Korean soldier stands guard in f

When a nuclear bomb goes off in an American city twenty years from now, the blame will belong to the Clinton Administration whose staffers are deeply embedded in the Obama Administration and pursuing its old policies.

How Obama Reset American Power to Zero with Putin


The great fallacy of progressive foreign policy is the assumption that other nations and ideologies are reactive. If we treat them well, they reciprocate. If we treat them badly, there’s blowback. That’s why the Reset Button didn’t work in Russia, but it did set the stage for a series of Russian humiliations of Obama

Obama’s Dangerous Consistency


The toxic plan continues to appease a culture’s hatred of our way of life.

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Muslims Commemorate 9/11 by Killing American, US Apologizes to Muslims


Muslims staged attacks on US embassies and consulates in the Muslim world. In Cairo they tore down the American flag and tried to replace it with a black obscenity that read, “There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is his messenger”. In the newly liberated utopia of Libya, they murdered an American consulate employee.

FACT CHECK: Obama’s National Security Claims


Even though Obama ran in 2008 on a promise to make the world love us again, this time around he’s taking a page from Bush by ignoring the world and trying to run on a national security record. His multiple failures in global diplomacy don’t give him the option of running on his record empowering Islamists, but his national security record is just as bad.

The Vicious Cycle of Western Apologies and Muslim Violence


How we descended from rational human interaction into the abyss of appeasement.

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Terrorism, Witch Hunting the CIA, and National Security


A unique discussion featuring John Yoo, Marc Thiessen and Andrew McCarthy.

The Weapons-Grade Stupidity of Obama’s Nuclear Policy

On “Hannity” last night, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich excoriated the Obama Administration’s announcement that nuclear retaliation is off the table against rogue states that attack us, as long as those states aren’t themselves nuclear, and that the United States will not develop any new nuclear weapons:

I think this is the most unrealistic [...]

LAST CALL: A Real Tool, De-Friending MySpace CEO, Obama’s Policy Circus

Tool of Islam – Emphasis on Tool
England’s judicial system is right behind that of the Netherlands in its pursuit of the liberal mandate of religious kowtowing and appeasement with no regard for the dangerous consequences. Take a look at John L. Work’s post today [...]

Paying Tribute to Terror


Why the United States cannot buy off the Islamic fanatics of the Taliban.