What the Arab World Produces


And how the world suffers the consequences.

The Tragedy of the Arabs


The unwelcome truths about a failed civilization.

Israel Apartheid Week: A Tale of Two Brothers


Whether passive or aggressive, anti-Israel slander amounts to the same thing.

Islamists Have the Keys to the Arab World


Why Islamism if far more dangerous than Nazism or Communism.

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News from the Arab World


Shillman Journalism Fellow Raymond Ibrahim translates and interprets news that never makes it to English.

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My Offer of $100K to Peter Beinart


As the owner of a PR agency, I extend to you this gift — with one simple condition.

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The Religious Left Targets Israel


The World Council of Churches prepares a new anti-Israel initiative.

An Ex-Islamist Needs U.S. Support – WSJ.com

Hanevy Ould Dahah, who is now being held in Mauritania’s Dar Naim prison, is an unlikely dissident. Half-Arab and half-African, he was marked as a child to become a cleric, memorizing the Quran by age nine and studying at ultra-conservative academies. Some of his former classmates now lead Mauritania’s Salafist movement; Hanevy might have been […]

Unrest in Iran: The Vindication of George W. Bush – by Larry Elder


How the Iraq War emboldened Iran’s democratic dissidents.

Harassment across Arab world drives women inside – AP

The sexual harassment of women in the streets, schools and work places of the Arab world is driving them to cover up and confine themselves to their homes, said activists at the first-ever regional conference addressing the once taboo topic. Activists from 17 countries across the region met in Cairo for a two-day conference ending […]