The Middle East’s Nazis


Never Again 2013.

Islam’s Favorite Infidel

aIslams Favorite Infidel graphic for FPM

Guess what screed of hate is a bestseller in Muslim countries?

Minority Elites and Israel’s Jewish Defamers


A glimpse into the dark world of the collaborators.

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Deconstructing the Israeli ‘Settlement’ Myth


How racist propaganda became the cause célèbre of the international community.

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Annexation Wins Hands Down over a Two-State Solution


History, demographics, and law favor Israel’s incorporation of Judea and Samaria.

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Stoned Dearborn Christian Speaks


A frightening inside exclusive look at the recent Muslim stoning of Christians in Dearborn.

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Why Publicize What Arabs Say in Arabic?


The Israeli left-wing media’s cluelessness in their own words.

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The Nazi-Palestinian War on Jesus


Islamizing the Christian Messiah.

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Shame on Ha’aretz


Leftist newspaper maligns Jews who try to find creative ways of buying homes from racist Arabs.

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France Once Again a Hell for Jews


Homegrown European anti-Semitism returns with a vengeance.

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