Argentina Fines Walmart for Not Stocking Price Controlled Products that Don’t Exist


Socialism. It really doesn’t work.

Obama’s Corrupt Appointment of Donor Ambassadors is Endangering America


Mamet does have one important qualification. He bundled a cool million for Obama.

The Timerman Legacy for Israel and Argentina

Amia bombing victims relatives

Jacobo Timerman rocketed to fame by claiming he was tortured for being a Jew. Hector Timerman is now playing a key role in the cover up of the mass murder of Jews in a dirty war fought by Islamic terrorists with the complicity of the left.

Fred Branfman, Noam Chomsky and the Communist Two-Step

Fred Branfman, author, blogger and early contributor to the current California economic miracle under Governor Jerry Brown, has written a very long apologetic about Noam Chomsky, or more accurately a standard screed against US imperialism and capitalism using Chomsky as a prop. Presumably he thought that invoking the grand old man’s name would somehow spur [...]

FARC Cashes in on Mexican Drug War


The Marxist terrorist group backed by Chavez jumps in.

Hijacking Democracy in Greece


Communists and anarchists exploit Greece’s financial crisis to foment a violent revolution.

Is the U.S. Too Big to Fail?


The warning signs are all around us.

License to Massacre


Star British politician Nicholas Clegg blesses Saddam Hussein’s reign of terror.

NewsReal Sunday: Keeping The Jerusalem Post Honest

The headline, “Vatican Aids Eichmann to Escape” is splashed on Page One of the Jerusalem Post. Of course my stomach turns, I’m a Roman Catholic. My husband and I have spent the past five years conducting research and documenting the growth of anti-Semitism in some conservative Catholic organizations, so I have no difficulty in believing [...]

Christmas Reading – by Thomas Sowell


Some superb books you can give as Christmas presents.