It’s All About the Oil – Obama Chooses the Crisis of Greater National Significance

Waiting for the Right Wave to Ride

Though we’re not part of his inner circle or privy to his counsel, we can still determine President Obama’s political will based on the political waves he chooses to ride.
Last week, as he demonized Arizona legislators attempting to enforce federal immigration laws, America discovered that crude, not criminality, [...]

The Hyperbole Surrounding AZ’s New Law; Talk About Epistemic Closure!

I figured that I may as well jump on the new buzz word band wagon and use the term epistemic closure. Even though I’m totally not into the term. It sounds icky and like something contagious. Nevertheless, epistemic closure is pretty much what all of the hysterical, over the top shrieking about Arizona’s law is; [...]

Secure Borders, Secure Jobs


Arizona lawmakers take a stand for the American worker.