Gutting the Army


The Obama administration’s warped priorities.

No Justice for Victims of Terrorist Nidal Hasan


Why the Fort Hood jihadist has received better treatment than the survivors of his attack.

Gay Men Responsible for Most Military Sex Assaults


“It appears that the DOD has serious problems with male-on-male sexual assaults that men are not reporting and the Pentagon doesn’t want to talk about.”

U.S. Army Equates Catholicism and Evangelical Christianity with al-Qaeda and Hamas


All in a day’s work in the Obama administration.

Women in Combat


The great fraud of “gender neutral” standards.

Obama’s New Peacekeeper Army

Enduring Freedom

Welcome to a military establishment in which victory is no longer a relevant concept.

Russia’s Caucasian Problem – and Ours


Time to scrap the politically correct race classification system.

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What Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner Really Showed Us About Israel


“Israeli brutality” debunked.

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Winds of War?


Could Israel face a nine-front conflict?

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‘Kick in the Gut’ for Al-Qaeda Killers


Elite commando possibly killed, while Somali terror chief meets his demise.

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