Wellesley Students Denounce White Male Privilege of Statue


“I’m not even conscious that I’m wandering through your lady landscape,” the statue says.

Muslims Demand “Legitimate Fatwa” Against Head Butt Statue


Qatari citizens have called for Adel Abdessemed’s statue ”Coup de Tete” (Head Butt) to be removed because it is offensive to Islam.

No $$$ for Military Health Care, but $31,000 Available for Leon Panetta Portrait


Unlike so many NEA commissions, it can’t be made out of elephant dung or out of chocolate by Karen Finley

Cannes Honors Statutory Rape of 15-Year-Old Girl


Art or animalism?

Andrew Klavan on Why Conservatives Should Have Faith in the Arts

Picture 81

Conservative warrior provokes deep thoughts on the culture war at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

German Artist Puts Burkas on Statues to Warn of Islamization


A picture says a thousand words and these pictures communicate even more than that without violating a single law. They are a basic statement that even the leftiest of the lefties and the most politically correct of the correcters has no trouble understanding and yet the perpetrator of this artistic statement cannot be charged with a single crime.

Hipster Icon Patti Smith: ‘We Can Live with Terrorism’


Artist “more concerned about the death of a bee” than preventing the next 9/11.

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The Death of Art


Why rules matters.

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Radical Graffiti Chic


Sponsored by L.A.’s aristocracy, the Museum of Contemporary Art’s new show celebrates vandalism.

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From the Writings of David Horowitz: May 25, 2010

Welfare. Democrats view taxes as contributions to charity. (Seriously. You should talk to a few Democrats if you doubt it.) Consequently, when Democrats designed a welfare system that cost taxpayers trillions, they considered it a double good deed. Welfare taxes benefited the poor and forced Americans to do the right thing.† Over the years, however, [...]