Kerry Goes to Asia Over North Korean Threat, Focuses on Global Warming

kerry soccer ball

We never did get to experience a John Kerry presidency, but we are getting a highlights reel o President John Kerry.

The Exploitation of Immigrant Workers in the Middle East


Why is the international community dead silent about a widespread barbaric phenomenon?

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Talking Turkey


Where is the apology to Israel — or, for that matter, to the Armenians?

Friedman’s China Odyssey


The New York Times columnist’s obsession with the human-rights-abusing People’s Republic.

More Than Bluster


North Korea ups the ante. Will the world’s democracies fold?

Should I Stay or Should I Go?


As a former Master of the Dominicans, I’ve decided the Church
is stuck with me, whatever happens.

The Disarming of America


Obama forfeits the nuclear option — and makes the country less safe.

Alienating India


How bad American policy is pushing a strategic ally toward China.

The Triumph of Soviet Deception


Why the spirit of Communism is alive and well.

You Can Put Lipstick (and Clairol Golden Blonde #71) on a Jihadist, but She’s Still a Jihadist

Colleen LaRose was a high school dropout who was 16 when she married a man twice her age.  She was “the weird, weird, weird lady who lived across the hall” and talked to her cats.  She attempted suicide five years ago, allegedly wrote bad checks, drove drunk, and was divorced twice.
Surely one of those things [...]