America: The Come Back Story


Steve Moore sheds light on the heart of the U.S. economy — and how Obama is destroying it.

Kerry Goes to Asia Over North Korean Threat, Focuses on Global Warming

kerry soccer ball

We never did get to experience a John Kerry presidency, but we are getting a highlights reel o President John Kerry.

The Exploitation of Immigrant Workers in the Middle East


Why is the international community dead silent about a widespread barbaric phenomenon?

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Talking Turkey


Where is the apology to Israel — or, for that matter, to the Armenians?

Friedman’s China Odyssey


The New York Times columnist’s obsession with the human-rights-abusing People’s Republic.

More Than Bluster


North Korea ups the ante. Will the world’s democracies fold?

Should I Stay or Should I Go?


As a former Master of the Dominicans, I’ve decided the Church
is stuck with me, whatever happens.

The Disarming of America


Obama forfeits the nuclear option — and makes the country less safe.

Alienating India


How bad American policy is pushing a strategic ally toward China.

The Triumph of Soviet Deception


Why the spirit of Communism is alive and well.