Prestige and Power in Statecraft

Obama Syria

What is a great world power without the fortitude to back up its position?

Saddam’s Ticking Time Bomb


Why the Democratic betrayal on Iraq leaves Obama stuck in Syria.

The Anti-American, Anti-Israel, British Anti-War Movement


Supporting Assad over America & Israel.

Video Evidence: Iran Fighting in Syria

Picture 13

Inside the fanatical mindset of the Islamic Republic.

Obama’s Foreign Policy: Theatre of the Absurd


A source of derision and amusement in domestic as well as foreign circles.

Revoking Citizenship for Americans Who Fight With Syrian Jihadists


A legal case for action.

America’s Syrian Jihad


Obama’s weapons pipeline flows stronger.

Israel Sobered By Syria Debacle


Netanyahu: We can only rely on ourselves.

America Weaker in the Eyes of the World


Obama leads the country to a PR disaster.

Fifteen Minutes of Foreign Policy Malfeasance


Obama takes a bow while America’s geopolitical position takes a direct hit.