The Simple Wisdom of Arab Dictators


They understand that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

John Kerry: Misguided Zealot


A review of the secretary of state’s history sheds light on his missteps today.

Muslim Terrorist States Argue Over Which of Them is Distorting Islam

Help, someone here is distorting the real Islam.

“Assad said that extremists distort the real Islam, which is tolerant,”

Al-Qaeda vs. Al-Qaeda Lite in Syria


A jihadist-on-jihadist quagmire erupts.

Syria: Cleric Incites Children to ‘Slaughter’ Christians


Another example of the macabre nature of the Obama-backed rebels.

New York Times Finally Sees Jihadist Threat In Syria


While the administration continues to pursue its destructive path.

Prestige and Power in Statecraft

Obama Syria

What is a great world power without the fortitude to back up its position?

Saddam’s Ticking Time Bomb


Why the Democratic betrayal on Iraq leaves Obama stuck in Syria.

The Anti-American, Anti-Israel, British Anti-War Movement


Supporting Assad over America & Israel.

Video Evidence: Iran Fighting in Syria

Picture 13

Inside the fanatical mindset of the Islamic Republic.