Is Obama Trying to Kill President Bush?


The Radical-in-Chief frees terrorists who threatened to kill the former President.

Being Safe While Isolated


An attempted murder in Jerusalem underscores the danger of Obama’s subversion against Israel.

America Undone


The day America was forced to confront the radical forces tearing the country apart.

The JFK Conspiracy Theory Is the Conspiracy


The ongoing plot to conceal left-wing terrorism and murder.

Kennedy Family Rules


Will America’s royal family spring a convicted murderer?

Will Israel’s Left Destroy Israel?


The time for action against Iran is closer than ever — but internal headwinds loom.

‘A Stew of Anti-Muslim Bile and Conspiracy-Laden Forecasts’

Picture 10

Shame on the New York Times for smearing Lars Hedegaard after his narrow escape from an Islamic assassin.

Islamic Assassination: Silencing Freedom Fighters


An age-old tradition of the Religion of Peace claims another victim.

Lars Hedegaard Escapes Jihadist Assassination Attempt

Lars Hedegaard

Denmark’s leading Islam critic survives life-and-death struggle with gun-wielding assailant.

Lebanese Reformer Seeks Safe Haven


Pro-Western activist Moustafa Geha lives to tell his story following an assassination attempt.

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