Michael Shermer’s Unmoral Arc


A new book’s messianic vision of a God-free future.

Cruciphobia at Mt. Soledad


The cross the Left can’t bear.

UK Atheists Realize Islam is the Only Religion They Can’t Criticize


I am not an Islamophobe: I am a violentsuicidallyfanatichatefilledkillerofpeopletheyhaventevenmet-ophobe

Christianity, Islam, and Atheism


With a spiritual vacuum brewing, who will win the struggle for the soul of the West?

A Christian Looks At Horowitz’s ‘A Point in Time’


A compelling examination of the most pressing questions that theists and atheists alike must confront.

The Atheist Response to Sandy Hook

Balloons hang from the Sandy Hook Elementary School sign in Sandy Hook, in Newtown,

A perfect illustration of the intellectual and emotional emptiness at the heart of atheism.

Fighting Back Against PA’s Blasphemy Verdict


David Horowitz Freedom Center to run ad against Judge Mark Martin’s dismissal of Islam-motivated assault.

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The Most Dangerous Place to be an Atheist


But the real question is: where do its boundaries end?

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