Taliban School Slaughter


Islamic child sacrifice reaches grisly new low in Pakistan.

Netanyahu’s Father Said the Holocaust Didn’t End

Mideast Israel Palestinians

And it continues all the time.

Christian Extermination in the Middle East


Chuches and communities are being terrorized into oblivion.

Ottawa Attack: Contrasting the Mothers of Terrorists


The stunning difference between Palestinian mothers and Susan Bibeau.

Bringing Happiness to Iran


Should Israel openly support internal opponents of the Islamic Republic?

The Palestinian Rocket and Propaganda Offensive


Hamas plays the victim — and the international community plays along.

Fighting Enemies from Within and Without


Why the murder of Muhammad Khdeir must not prevent Israel from dealing decisively with Hamas.

Hamas’s Nazi-Style Rocket Blitz


While ISIS infiltrates Gaza.

Demonizing SCOTUS


The Left launches an attack against conservative justices.

Israel Under Siege as Nuke Talks Open

APphoto_Mideast Israel Syria

Jerusalem does not have the luxury of fantasizing.