What Samantha Power Forgot About the Soviet Role in the Holocaust


The Soviet Union’s pact with Nazi Germany made Auschwitz possible.

Slave Labor From Auschwitz to Mali


Why it is time for Volkswagen to do the right thing and change the name of its luxury SUV.

David Irving: Anti-Semite & Holocaust Denier

David Irving

In his bestselling 1977 work, Hitler’s War, historian David Irving sought to present history “through Hitler’s eyes,” claiming that although Hitler was a “powerful and relentless military commander,” he was also a “lax and indecisive political leader.” Hitler’s War ultimately laid the basis for Irving’s lifelong claim that Hitler knew nothing of the Holocaust. It was during the 1980s that […]

Tolerance for Terror

Obama 2008

Why the Obama administration resists the appropriate response to the threats to our freedoms and lives.