The Austerity Illusion


Francois Hollande promises to end cuts that never started.

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Socialist Destruction Unleashed in Greece


“We are a breath away from ground zero.”

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The EU Crisis Comes to a Head


In crisis mode, national sovereignty takes a backseat.

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New Greek Government, Same Greek Woes


Will the bailout be enough to stabilize the eurozone before the money runs out?

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Brown Wins? Get Out of the Way or Buckle Up, Says White House.

“Buckle up — let’s get some stuff done,” one White House staffer said Obama’s response will be in the event of a Brown victory today in Massachusetts.  Politico reports:
President Barack Obama plans a combative response if, as White House aides fear, Democrats lose Tuesday’s special Senate election in Massachusetts, close advisers say.
“This is not a [...]

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