Has the West Lost the Will to Live?


Is returning to business-as-usual after terrorist attacks a sign of strength or giving up?

ISIS Planned Beheading of Australian… in Australia


The plan was to behead a random member of the public on camera.

“We’ll Love Muslims 100 Years” say Useful Idiots


“We have Muslims who are made to feel like terrorists in the past few years.”

Australian Muslim Leader: Also Kill Left-Wing Anti-War Jews


“It makes no difference whether a Jew is pro-peace or pro-war, whether right-wing or left-wing.”

Muslim Leader Claims Canceling his Talk in Favor of “Murdering Women” was “Islamophobic”

Muslim Intervention Group Press Conference

Next thing you know the Islamophobes won’t let you stone your daughter to death.

President of Islamic Council of Western Australia and Fam Caught with $8 Million in Meth


The Sword Boys are involved in drugs and wear miniature gold scimitars as their symbol.

Media Bias: Robert Spencer Interview As It Really Happened — And As It Was Reported


SBS TV in Australia goes to work to denigrate foes of jihad.

Muslim Tries to Apply for Spousal Benefits for 12-Year-Old Wife… in Australia


They met at a local mosque.

“Islam is My Identity. The Burqa is My Shield. Paradise is My Destination.”


Her husband wrote in one of his last posts: “Preparing for the grave”.

Muslim Butcher Who Chopped Up Baby Wants $5300 for Not Being Fed Halal


“It forced a person who otherwise ate meat as part of his diet to eat a vegetarian diet.”