Hating the Flag


Unmasking the radical mindset that casts patriotism as a “sickness.”

Australian Military Brings Charges Against Reserve Officer for Criticizing Islam


“As I’ve written a number of times before, Australians urgently need to debate the pros and cons of continued Islamic immigration,” he wrote in the post.

Fact Checking the Prisoner X Story


The Mossad are certainly not saints. Like every intelligence service, they have their toxic aspects. And the Israeli prison system, like every other, has its issues. But there are no serious fact-based allegations being made. Merely hyped up noise being driven by Zygier’s supposed status as Prisoner X on the theory that where there are secrets, there is wrongdoing.

Muslim Mohammed Movie Protester Who Smashed Up Police Car was on Disability


Legal Aid lawyer Sophie Edin said Halaby suffered from “certain disabilities” which had seen him claim the pension for the past three years. “He has literacy issues, a short attention span, things to that effect.”

Doing the Research the NY Times Won’t Do


When it comes to the truth about guns and violence prevention, bad journalism can be deadly.

Australia’s Top Muslim Leaders Investigated for Fraud and Embezzlement

hilali channeling

Malek Fahd received just under $20 million, or 80 per cent of its funding, from the commonwealth and state governments, including $5.1m from the Gillard government

Muslim Gets 40 Lashes for Drinking Alcohol…. in Australia


Sharia law, as we’re told, is a non-issue made up by Islamophobes that will never come to the West. Certainly not the punitive kind. That would be ridiculous. Except of course that it’s already here.

Radio Host Forced to Apologize for Telling the Truth about Muslim Immigrants


“If ever there was a clear example that Lebanese males in their vast numbers not only hate our country and our heritage, this was it,” Mr Jones had said. “They simply rape, pillage and plunder a nation that’s taken them in.”

Muslim Immigrants Five Times More Likely to Commit Crimes than Australians


That’s a 5-10 percent rate of crime in those communities alone. Why would you go on admitting people who are 5-10 percent likely to mug you as soon as they get off the plane?

Australia Welcomes Jihadist, Blocks Geert Wilders


Wilders is on the Movement Alert List, a database of people of security concern to the Australian government, but the governing Australian Labour Party swiftly approved a visa for Taji Mustafa, the British head of the Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir