Muslims Paying Australian Aborigines to Convert to Islam

islam in australia

“Our concern with that is, the Muslim belief, that converting the first peoples of the land to Islam means that the land belongs to Allah, and Islam should be the only religion.

Orthodox Jews Blamed for Australian Sex Party Downgrade

Michael Danby's two 'how to vote' cards

Labor MP Michael Danby has become embroiled in a spat over voting preferences after downgrading the Sex party

Gay Sex Club Shooter Prayed in “Arabic” Before Opening Fire


Police are baffled as to the motive of the attackers, who are of Middle Eastern appearance and are thought to be Muslim.

Australia Suffering from Drive By Shootings, Piers Morgan Claims Gun Control Works


Drive-by shootings and gun crime have become an entrenched part of Australian lowlife.

Muslim Cleric Who Groped Aussie Women Says It’s a Cultural Misunderstanding

Cultural Misunderstanding

A spokesman for Dee Why Mosque said Mr Alkahly was simply showing ‘‘love and compassion’’ but had misunderstood the cultural differences between Australia and Egypt.

Muslim Plumber Blames YouTube Video for Kicking Dog


Obama and Clinton blamed a YouTube video for the attack on Benghazi, instead of their own failure to secure the diplomatic mission. And Mahmoud Eid profited from their example.

Hating the Flag


Unmasking the radical mindset that casts patriotism as a “sickness.”

Australian Military Brings Charges Against Reserve Officer for Criticizing Islam


“As I’ve written a number of times before, Australians urgently need to debate the pros and cons of continued Islamic immigration,” he wrote in the post.

Fact Checking the Prisoner X Story


The Mossad are certainly not saints. Like every intelligence service, they have their toxic aspects. And the Israeli prison system, like every other, has its issues. But there are no serious fact-based allegations being made. Merely hyped up noise being driven by Zygier’s supposed status as Prisoner X on the theory that where there are secrets, there is wrongdoing.

Muslim Mohammed Movie Protester Who Smashed Up Police Car was on Disability


Legal Aid lawyer Sophie Edin said Halaby suffered from “certain disabilities” which had seen him claim the pension for the past three years. “He has literacy issues, a short attention span, things to that effect.”