US Embassy in Baghdad Preparing to Evacuate


Sources said “all western diplomats in Iraq are in trouble.”

Sunni-Shi’ite Jihad in Iraq


And valuable lessons for Syria.

Hillary Turned Over Embassy Security to Hired Guns

U.S.Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sits down in Washington to testify on the September attack

After demonizing Bush for using “mercenaries” and seeking to ban Blackwater.

Negotiating with a Fantasy of the Iranian Regime


…And playing willingly into Tehran’s hands.

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Iran Rope-A-Dopes the West Again


New “agreement” with the Islamic Republic a prelude to nuclear capability.

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Iraq Election: A Defeat for Iran


Preliminary results show loss for pro-Iran forces and a triumph for secular democracy.

The Generals


A new book tells the stories of four generals who changed the modern U.S. Army.

Imprisoned for Saving American Lives


Former U.S. Army Master Sergeant John Hatley is now serving a forty year sentence for allegedly killing terrorists in Iraq.

Trained For the Wrong War


How the Obama administration’s shuffle of combat forces has endangered the troops.