A Taxpayer Bailout for ObamaCare


The next too-big-to-fail train wreck on the horizon.

An Offer Cypriots Can’t Refuse


Citizens running scared after EU ruling class pushes through draconian cash confiscation deal.

Government Motors Losing $49,000 on Every Chevy Volt


Or to put it another way. A Chevy Volt costs GM, the government and you more money… than it costs the idiot who buys one. You may not have a Chevy Volt in your garage, but you already paid for one and you paid 9,000 dollars more than the guy who actually bought one.

Delphi Workers See Pensions Plundered Under Obama


How the administration gave non-union workers the shaft — and covered up its involvement.

Romney Rising, Europe Panicking


Leaders reeling after Obama debate disaster.

Obama’s GM ‘Success Story’ Headed for Bankruptcy


Automaker CEO suggests hiking gas prices to “encourage” buyers to off-set his company’s financial woes.

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Greece Not Out of the Woods


Why victory for pro-bailout forces in the Greek election merely delays the inevitable.

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Greek Socialists Rage over Spain Bailout


Far-left threatens to derail the stability of the euro-zone.

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Golden State Gloom


For a look at America under a second Obama term, look to withering California.

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Pulling the Plug on the Chevy Volt


Why the Obama-backed vehicle’s demise wasn’t because of bad press.

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