87% of Women in Muslim Bangladesh are Abused


38% experience serious injuries

The Islamization of New York


“Three months from now, there will not be a strip of pork on the premises.”

Bangladeshis Protest Islamic Circle of North America Atrocities


Obama Inc. has also been condemning Bangladesh’s trials

Top Muslim Chaplain Accused of Savage Torture and Murder


‘They abducted an eye doctor, and then gouged his eyes out before killing him and dumping his body. ‘They abducted a cardiologist and cut out his heart before killing him and dumping his body.”

Thwarted Fed Bomber Wanted ‘Whole World’ Ruled by Islam


“Victory or martyrdom.”

Climate Consensus or Con?

Climate Change

An Oxford Union Society debate exposes climate change alarmism for the fraud it is.

Obama’s Empty Gestures


When will the administration honor Daniel Pearl’s memory with real action on global free press?

The Wrong Way to Fight Jihad


Vijay Kumar, a native of India, gives a stern warning to the West about failed approaches in confronting Radical Islam.

John Podesta’s Unified Hope Theory

Many folks have been wondering of late why on earth Obama’s national defense review failed to mention Islam, jihad, or the threat of a nuclear Iran and focused instead on ManBearPig. Those folks are small thinkers who merely need to heed the advice of one John Podesta, a sage man whose writings explain it [...]

The Educated Muslim Terrorist


Why so many jihadists are Westernized and come from the upper middle class.