Obama Is Fighting w/Reid and Biden


Obama angrily cut Biden off,

“Chickens__t” Reporter Claims Obama is Pro-Israel

goldberg jeffrey

The only thing that Goldberg’s latest screed establishes is that he’s a dishonest lying hack.

Obama Offered to Ally w/Ayatollah Calling for Jihad Against America


This is Obama’s fourth letter to the terrorist tyrant of Iran.

“Obama Doesn’t Think Too Much Should Be Read into Election Results”


He’ll adhere to a progressive agenda that will keep the base excited

75% of Americans Say Obama Needs to Rethink Issues


60 percent of Obama voters agree.

Washington Post: Obama Needs to “Reset” Relations w/Israel

Obama and Netanyahu

This is what a “smart” foreign policy looks like.

Liberal Author: Obama Failed Because He Was Too Centrist


It’s time “liberals” stopped falling for all these centrists and raise Stalin from the dead.

Obama Releasing Gitmo Jihadists Releasing Directly to ISIS


Good news for ISIS, bad news for America.

Obama to Wisconsin Supporters: “You Can Only Vote Once… This Isn’t Chicago”

Voter Fraud

Obama traveled to a ward in which he won 99 percent of the vote

Obama and Jeffrey Goldberg Took Aim at Netanyahu, Shot Themselves in the Foot


Any Obama Inc. criticism of Netanyahu and Israel will be dismissed as personal animosity.