Obama: America “Less Racially Divided” Under My Rule


The economy is doing great. And we’re going to the moon.

Obama Can’t Decide What Kind of War Authorization He Wants


Obama refuses to accept any level of Congressional oversight or limits to his authority

Obama to Stop Ebola Entering the US with Flyers


If only someone could convince him that Ebola was a Republican.

Obama: I Underestimated Al Qaeda


Obama said ISIS was able to “attract foreign fighters who believed in their jihadist nonsense.”

Only 27% of Whites see Obama as a “Uniter”


78 percent of blacks see Obama as a uniter

Obama Apologizes for Going Golfing, Then Goes Golfing


It’s like he’s not even bothering anymore.

Obama has a Strategy for the Things He Cares About


Obama has no strategy for ISIS, but he has a strategy for shutting down every coal plant.

Obama Pressured Israel to Stop Demanding Demilitarization of Hamas


The war was won on the battlefield and lost at the negotiating table.

White House Still Struggling to Explain Obama’s JV ISIS Crack

obama basketball

Remember the days when Obama’s people didn’t have to explain the stupid things he said?

GAO says Taliban Release Violated Law, So Where is Obama’s Mugshot?


It’s funny how abuse of power only cuts one way.