Obama Appoints Hamas Supporter who Called Israelis Nazis to Commission on Religious Freedom


“To declare, as some have, that such freedom is absolute is, of course, nonsense,” Zogby said.

Obama Lied, Al Qaeda Thrived, Americans Died


Despite being briefed on it privately, Mr. Obama resisted portraying the Benghazi attack as having been carried out by, al Qaeda.

Obama Lost Afghanistan… and the Lives of 1,575 American Soldiers


73 percent of American casualties in Afghanistan happened under Obama’s watch.

Obama’s Employment Numbers Now Worse than Carter’s


The BLS reports that a record 90 million Americans eligible for work are sitting on the sidelines.

Barely Half of Liberals say Obama is Better at Foreign Policy than Bush


Among liberals, only 54% say that Obama’s handling of foreign policy is better than that of Bush.

Obama Inc. Spends $1 Billion on Syrian Aid, Cuts Pay for US Soldiers


“I am strongly committed to supporting our uniformed service members,” Obama wrote, ” however, we must maintain efforts to keep our Nation on a sustainable fiscal course. ”

Vietnam War Hero and Military Expert: US Military Embarrassed to be Associated with Obama


They are outraged by a willingness to risk American lives to make up for a slip of the tongue about “red lines.”

Obama’s New ‘Gay’ Foreign Policy Not Helping Anyone


Getting into a pissing contest with Putin over gay rights while Syria burns seems like an odd choice.

If Obama Wants to Bomb Someone, How About the Syrian Terror Training Camps of the Benghazi Attackers?


Maybe he couldn’t spare a drone the night of the attack, but he certainly should be able to dig one up now. Or a cruise missile or two.

Obama’s Fave Islamic University Calls his Syria Strike “Aggression Against the Arab and Islamic Nation”


Obama’s Cairo speech was co-hosted by Al-Azhar Islamic University which he praised in his speech as “a beacon of Islamic learning”.