Obama Inc. Admits Amnesty 2 Will Make it Even Easier for Criminals than Amnesty 1


Olavarria also said she wishes to hide sections in the bill that will boost immigration of refugees.

Obama Express Owner Accused of Food Stamp Fraud


. Steal 2 million dollars and you go to jail. Steal 6 trillion dollars and you get a second term.

Obama: “Raising the Debt Ceiling… Does Not Increase Our Debt”


“The average person thinks raising the debt ceiling must mean that we’re running up our debt.”

Obama’s Latest Syria Red Line is Still Fake


About that deadline for Syria to produce a list of its WMDs…

Who’s Dumber: Obama or Kerry?


It’s a sad day when a man who was taken by the Viet Cong and the Sandinistas still proves to be less of a soft touch than Obama.

Navy Yard Shooter was a Liberal Obama Supporter

Aaron Alexis

Maybe we do need gun control… for Obama supporters.

Obama Rodeo Clown Performs Again While Crowd Wears 1st Amendment Shirts


“There isn’t a little boy who doesn’t dream of being a cowboy. I get to be a part of that dream.”

Scenting Fresh Blood, Gun Controllers Forget Lesson of Colorado


The old community organizer instincts kick in at the smell of blood and emotional manipulation

Why the Syrian WMDs Don’t Actually Matter

Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin

Obama’s mistake was hinging an attack on Syria on WMDs

Will Obama Really Get the Blame for a Syrian War?

John McCain, Barack Obama

The more McCain acts like he wants a bigger war, the easier the media will find it to explain that it was all the fault of the Republicans.