Obama: If There Were More Gov Workers, Deficit Would be Lower, Tax Revenues Would be Higher


Maybe instead of asking for his birth certificate, we should have been asking for his first grade math scores.

Obama Frees Taliban from Gitmo, Neglects to Exchange Them for Captured US Soldier

Guantánamo Bay

The Afghan Taliban have offered to hand over a US soldier held captive since 2009 in exchange for five of their own currently incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay.

Obama Approval in Egypt Fell Drastically Since Cairo Speech

That's not the Tea Party. That's Egypt.

Aside from Pakistan and the two Palestines, Egypt is now the country that likes Obama the least.

76% of White Americans Feel Economically Insecure Under Obama


More than 76 percent of whites endure joblessness, life on welfare or near-poverty.

Obama’s Egypt Coup Position

That is why Obama is avoiding the “Coup” word. That step would risk taking the leverage of aid out of his hands

Obama Calls Europe a “Developing Country”


There’s only so much stupid you can pack into one gaffe, but to give Obama credit, he certainly can pack in the maximum amount of stupid.

Egyptians Protest Obama by Photoshopping him as Osama

images (1)

Liberals in a Muslim country protesting by depicting Obama as a Muslim has to blow the minds of American liberals.

Obama: As a Constitutional Lawyer, I Don’t Need to Follow the Law


“Ultimately, I’m not concerned about their opinions — very few of them, by the way, are lawyers, much less constitutional lawyers.”

Obamacare Call Center Makes Workers Go Without Health Insurance


The Obamacare call center is doing what a lot of businesses are doing these days in order to avoid Obamacare.

Obama Wastes $2 Mil Taxpayer Cash Giving Speeches About the Economy


Obama really does cost the country more money every time he opens his mout