Obama to Fundraise w/Racist Mexican Director Who Promoted the Murder of Opponents of Illegal Immigration


“It’s about how those who believe in only legal immigration “deserve to be cut down.”

Poll Says Obama is Worst President in 70 Years


Obama has been running against Bush, but he finally managed to beat him in one election.

Obama Supports Holder Because “He’s a Race Man”


Aides would be calling the threesome of Obama, Jarrett and Holder the “iron triangle.”

Hillary Blames Obama for Benghazi Cover-Up


“Hillary told Obama, ‘Mr. President, that story isn’t credible.”

Obama Suddenly No Longer Interested in Taking Credit for Ending Iraq War

There I go, turn the page

“That wasn’t a decision made by me; that was a decision made by the Iraqi government.”

Obama Isn’t an Introvert, He’s a Narcissist


Obama doesn’t hate politics. He likes power. He hates compromise.

Obama Gets Serious About Al Qaeda Takeover, Will Send Kerry to General Area, Go On Doing Nothing

obama kerry

Maybe if Al Qaeda renames itself the Redskins, then Obama will bomb them.

Nancy Pelosi Was Against Unilateral Action in Iraq, Before She Was For It


Pelosi can’t take a firm position on Iraq until Obama does.

White House Vigil to “Send Message” to Obama Over US/Israeli Hostages


Halberstam says that he hopes “to get enough people to send a strong message to President Obama”

Obama Doesn’t Need Permission from Congress to do Nothing in Iraq


Obama has ruled out air strikes