IRS Forced Pro-Life Group to Sign Pledge Not to Protest Planned Parenthood


The IRS insisted that “every member of the board of directors of the Coalition sign a statement, under penalty of perjury, that they will not picket or protest or organize others to picket or protest outside of Planned Parenthood.”

Obama’s Humanitarian and Moral Obligation in Syria

obama inept

The issue isn’t really civilian casualties. It’s a series of political calculations that have nothing to do with whether Syria uses WMDs or not.

Bernstein Joins Woodward in Turning on Obama


Team Watergate is coming together again

Obama Congratulates Pakistan for Electing Islamist Prime Minister Linked to Osama bin Laden

The Bin Laden pal is second from the left

Nawaz Sharif once received a million-dollar payoff from Osama Bin Laden as a thanks for not cracking down on the militant tribal areas in Pakistan’s northwest border province.

Iraqi MP: “Obama has Handed Iraq over to Iran and said ‘Do What You Like.”

Iraq Friend of Israel

“Members of the ruling party openly admit working for Iranian intelligence and brag about it.”

Obama to Fund Muslim Groups… in Canada


Obama is running out of Muslim countries to fund internationally and Muslim groups to fund at home.

Is Obama Devouring the Democratic Party?


The left used the Democratic Party as a political trojan horse. That’s what the left always does.

Obama Inc. May Provide Classified Missile Defense Data to Russia

Remember when spies used to say stuff like this?

Both Rosenbergs and Alger Hiss all agree that it’s a foolproof plan and Aldrich Ames just called me up to say that he’s willing to personally convey this information to Russia in exchange for a suitcase full of diamonds.

Each Green Job Obama Created Cost $11 Million

obama green leap forward

With labor participation at 63 percent, Obama will only need to spend a few quadrillion dollars to create green jobs for everyone.

Obama’s Liberated Libya is Now Al Qaeda’s HQ


In just the last few weeks three new al Qaeda camps have opened in southern Libya.