Federal Prosecutor Warns Anti-Muslim Internet Postings are Subject to Federal Jurisdiction


Tellingly there are never any threats to prosecute Muslims for blatant incitement to violence.

Obama Loosens Iran Sanctions so Ahmadinejad Can Buy an iPhone


Obama may not care if Americans don’t have jobs but he does care if Iranians don’t have the latest iPhone.

Jobless Claims Rise by 10,000 in Obama Recovery


The number of people continuing to collect jobless benefits rose by 63,000 to 2.99 million

Obama’s Brother’s Non-Profit Tied to Genocidal Muslim Dictator and Terrorists


Lois Lerner gave this application a fast green-light in June of 2011. The IRS made the non-profit status retroactive so as to not make lawbreakers out of the Foundation:

War in Syria is a Go – Obama Asks Pentagon for No Fly Zone Plans


But there is no way Obama is going to run this play on the UN Security Council a second time.

How Tesla Motors Really Makes Money… From Taxpayers


Tesla isn’t actually making money selling cars. It’s making money from crony capitalist taxes of people who buy cars from other companies.

Obama’s Confused Self-Contradictory War on Terror Speech


Obama’s definition of winning is as grounded in reality as Charlie Sheen’s.

Obama Claims “No Large-Scale Attacks on the United States” Month After Bombs Wound 264

Not "Large Scale Enough"

Obama’s refusal to take Muslim terrorism seriously led to the Boston bombings. And his response to that is to once again refuse to take terrorism seriously.

Prosecutor Going After FOX News is Big Obama Donor

machen obama

Just a political crony ruthlessly going after an investigative reporter working for an opposition media outlet using the full force of the law in a completely unprecedented way.

Obama’s White House Counsel Kathyrn Ruemmler is the New Fall Girl


I don’t want to presume to offer the smartest man on the planet any advice, but maybe throwing your own lawyer under the bus might be a bad idea.