Obama Inc. Threatens Israel Over Criticism by American Jews

Mideast Egypt Obama

Obama is trying to use as a Israel hostage to silence domestic criticism.

Obama Inc: Don’t Trust What Iran Says, But Trust It To Keep its Word

obama iran

“It matters less to us what they say than what they do.”

Obama Million Dollar Bundler Nominated as Ambassador to Norway Has No Clue What its Form of Government Is

obama idiot

The next ambassador to Norway committed a jaw-dropping diplomatic blunder

Obama Spending $2.7 Mil to Broadcast Communist Propaganda to Vietnam


The Communist revolution will be brought to you by US tax dollars

Let’s Play the Indicted/Not Indicted Game


Aren’t banana republics great?

Obama Blames Racism, Not ObamaCare, for Poor Approval Ratings


Obama never fails at anything. He just gets hit with the racism stick.

Obama Punished Rural Schools to Increase Sequester Pain


The Obama administration announced it wanted $17.9 million back

Iranian President Boasts World Powers Surrendered to Iran over Nukes

Chris Matthews Compares Obama To Neville Chamberlain

A State Department spokeswoman denied Iran’s claim of a secret agreement.

Secretary of Defense: Only Military Issue Obama Cared About was Gays


The only military matter which I sensed deep passion was ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’

Chris Christie Shut Down Traffic, Obama Kicked Seniors Out Of Their Homes


Joyce Spencer is 77-years-old and her husband Ralph is 80.