Divide and Conquer: Obama Inc. Wants Tribal Status for Hawaiians


One set of taxes, spending and law enforcement will govern one race

Hamas Talks to US, “Senses Change in US Position”

obama hamas

Obama Inc. started out with backdoor contacts with Hamas

Valerie Plame and Obama’s Double Standard on Outing CIA Personnel


Unlike Valerie Plame, the CIA Station Chief in Afghanistan is at actual risk.

New Obama Record: 3 Years of $3 a Gallon Gas

obama gas prices

Hope, Change and Bankruptcy.

Is This the End for Obama Inc?


OFA has cut its employees in half, but I wouldn’t count it out yet.

#LikeABoss Help the Democratic Party Design an Obama Bumper Sticker

obama bumper sticker

When everyone is talking about your boss’ incompetence, it’s time for a #LikeABoss hashtag.

Obama Inc. Shifting Funds from Cultural Exchange w/Europe to Africa


“There has been a big shift away from our Western European programs.”

War on Women: Obama’s Freed Illegal Aliens Carried Out 142 Sex Crimes


ICE released illegals jailed for 426 sexual assault convictions

Kerry Announces No More Red Lines on Syria


Putin and Iran won. Obama lost.

Holder Demands DEA Chief Support Obama’s Pro-Drug Dealer Policies


DEA chief Michele Leonhart has taken public stands in recent months against the administration