Rand Paul Wants to Clarify That His Position on Containing Iran is a Secret


“I am also not for announcing that the United States should never contain Iran.”

Obama says Voter Fraud Doesn’t Exist at Event Run by Man Who Embraced Fraudster Who Voted for Him Nine Times


Melowese voted twice for herself in 2012 and three times for her comatose sister.

UK House of Commons Criticizes Obama Betrayal on Falklands


The British are frustrated that Washington has refused to support the rights of the islanders

Carter Blames Jews for Lack of Contact with Obama


I wonder how Obama will explain why no one is talking to him after he leaves office.

Obama Cancels Tomahawk Missile, Spends $400K on Camel Sculpture in Pakistan

Hall Wines Art Collection.

Meanwhile US Marines in Afghanistan are being denied hot meals.

Moderate Iranian President Picks US Embassy Hostage Taker as UN Ambassador


Iran is just slapping Obama around to see how much more he will take.

While Putin Masses Troops, Obama Babbles About the 21st Century

US President Barack Obama and Russia's President Vladimir Putin.

“That is not how international law is observed in the 21st century.“

59% of Americans Disapprove of Obama


Negative views of Obama have hit a new high

Obama So Concerned About New York Getting Nuked, He Cut Funds for Detecting Nukes in New York


Every year since he took office, Obama has proposed significant reductions

Disgraced Ex-Obama Official: Obama Should Think of Putin as a Republican


“Looked into Putin’s eyes and had seen a stone-cold killer.”