American Suicide Bombing Victim Asks Obama Not to Free Terrorist Leader


“Yehonathon had the head of a screw pass fully through his right brain”

Obama: “Ukraine Not a Zero Sum Game” Putin “Yes It Is”


“That’s the kind of thinking that should have ended with the Cold War.”

Obama Kills Tomahawk, Hellfire Missiles, Spends Millions on Green Energy


The number of Tomahawk missiles will drop to zero in 2016.

Obama Says Putin is Weak, Agrees to Let Him Conquer Ukraine


Obama said the annexation of Crimea was an action taken “out of weakness.”

Obama Says Abbas Renounced Violence, Abbas Says He’s Just Like Hamas


“I have to commend President Abbas,” Obama said.

Obama Budget Cuts Medicare, Boosts Medicaid

oibama grandma

Wealth redistribution from senior citizens to welfare voters.

Obama Makes it Easier for Syrians, Harder for Israelis to Enter US


This unofficial policy has been extended to all Israelis of student age.

Obama Rejects Israel as a Jewish State


“As President, John Kerry will never force Israel to make concessions that compromise its security.”

Smartest President Ever Misspells ‘Respect’ While Honoring Aretha Franklin

US President Barack Obama delivers remarks on the economy

Obama can’t be expected to know what “respect” means to anyone else.

Team Kerry Complaining Obama’s Netanyahu Bashing Hurts Peace Talks

obama netanyahu

The White House hid from Kerry the very existence of the interview,