ACORN Wannabes May Get $4 Billion


Happy days are here again for leftist pressure groups.

Democratic Tax Hypocrisy


Wealthy leftists love taxes — just not paying them.

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Ron Paul’s Soros Defense Plan


Putting Soros’s experts in charge of dismantling the US military.

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Frank’s Departure Unleashes Radical Waters


A devoted ACORN ally ascends to the House Financial Services Committee.

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Defense on a Dime


Will Obama’s nanny-state agenda force slashes in military spending?

Left-Wingers Who Caused Subprime Meltdown Have Yet To Face Justice

The left-wing architects of the subprime mortgage collapse have yet to be called to account.
Much has already been written about the possibly criminal conduct of Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) and Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), who relentlessly gamed the political system to clear the way for their cronies at government-sponsored Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to make billions [...]

Protecting The New Victim Class—Democrat Members of Congress: Meltdown with Keith Olbermann Part 39

“We’ve gotta clamp down on it.”  Bart Stupak
It began with Keith Olbermann who returned for one night to do a little happy dance over the passage of Obamacare—and to call for the arrest of people who were mean to Barney Frank.
OLBERMANN:  Two days ago, a Tea Party protestor shouted the “N” word at Congressman John [...]

The Future of Capitalism


Ira Stoll surveys the economic scene.

Gay Hypocrisy or Identity Politics?

After getting caught drunk driving from a gay nightclub in a state vehicle, California State Senator Roy Ashburn has announced he’s gay. This is particularly controversial because he’s also a Republican with a socially-conservative voting record.
For that, the Daily Beast’s Meghan McCain accuses him of hypocrisy.

The second part that’s upsetting about Ashburn’s story is the [...]

The Next Economic Meltdown


Government action is not the solution — it’s the problem.