BBC to Censor Scientists that Question Global Warming


The BBC is sending news staffers to courses to discourage them from engaging in objective reporting

The BBC’s Christian Persecution Denial


Would the British media agency actively minimize the death toll from any other religion?

Coptic Christian Journalist Discriminated Against at BBC Arabic by Muslims


One editor told him he could not talk about Islamic movements on BBC Arabic because he was a Christian.

BBC Told Reporters Not to Describe Mall Murdering Jihadists as “Terrorists”

BBC Islam_1

Instead he referred to the culprits as ‘Islamic militants’,

Stealth Anti-Israelism from the British Media


Telling errors from the BBC on the jihad against the Jewish State.

The UK’s Taxi Rape Epidemic


Why no woman is safe in a cab in Britain — and why authorities are mum on the crisis.

Turkey’s Islamist Regime Explaining Everything in Terms of Vast Global Conspiracy


“Led by England, they are trying to collapse our economy via agents hired, both nationally and internationally.”

BBC Claims “Antisemitism” Too Long a Word, “Islamophobia” Just Right


, Islamophobia is also 12 characters yet the BBC has no trouble fitting it into every conceivable manner of headline

Mark Thompson: From Pedophile Cover-Up to the New York Times

BBC Announce Plans For A Major Shake-Up Of The Corporation

Paper ignores outcry over its new director.

How the BBC Censored Churchill’s Speeches Against Appeasement


“For 11 years, they kept me off the air. They prevented me from expressing views that proved to be right. Their behaviour has been tyrannical.”