Kat Yang Stevens Really Hates Jews, America, White People

kat yang stevens 3

“White folks who are not immediate friends or family of mine are about to be banned”

Something Is Rotten in UCLA’s Center for Near East Studies


Can you guess which country gets consistently picked on?

Mark LeVine Unhinged on Facebook


UC Irvine professor to fellow professor and critics: “F— all of you,” Israel must be destroyed.

BDS Mohammed Would Rather Ride Donkey than Use Israeli Gas


I pity the jackass that has to put up with this jackass.

Judeophobia on Full Display at UCLA


Students vote for economic warfare against the Jewish State.

Harvard’s Reckless Sponsorship of Anti-Israelism


BDS legitimized at the Ivy League school.

First Victim of American Studies BDS Boycott of Israel was Palestinian Student


Why does BDS hate Muslims?

BDS War on SodaStream Just Killed Muslim Jobs and Created Israeli Jobs


Mission accomplished?

Racist BDS Activists Try to Put Pig’s Head in Kosher Food, Put it in Halal Instead


It’s not anti-Semitism. It’s anti-Zionism. No wait, it’s still anti-Semitism.

Will NY Times Support Jewish Prof Persecuted for Opposing BDS the Way it Supported Prof Who Called for Murder of Israelis?


“You may have acted in an inappropriate way and discriminated against another person at the University.”