The Left’s Double Standard on Boycotting Israel and Iran

Pro-Palestinian demonstration to boycott Israel

Boycotting Iran, the left tells us, will lead to war. Boycotting Israel, will lead to peace.

SodaStream and the Absurdity of BDS


Imagine a campaign whose sole purpose is to force black people and white people to stop interacting.

Let the BDS Movement Be a Warning


How we are losing the battle on behalf of Israel.

Hillel’s Role in Fighting BDS on Campus


A community that stands for nothing but openness, stands for nothing.

Modern Language Association Bans Pro-Israel Views


The discussion will feature supporters but no opponents of boycotting Israel

Boycotting the Israel Boycotters


Fighting fire with fire.

Institutional Members of ASA Abandoning it over Israel Boycott


The American Studies Association was inflating its institutional member numbers

2 Universities Pull Out of ASA Over Israel Boycott, Encourage Others to Follow


Boycotts have consequences.

Fighting the ASA Israel Boycott with a Boycott


Educational institutions are hungry for money.

Roger Waters: Jews are Nazis, Jewish Lobby Controls America

Roger Waters in China

“Aren’t you worried for your life?” and I go “No, I’m not.”