MLA Professors Pushing Anti-Israel Resolution Also Happen to be Really Anti-Semitic


It’s shocking I know.

BDS Movement Finally Calls for Boycott of Itself


The BDS National Committee called for a boycott of George Soros

George Soros Funds BDS, Buys SodaStream Stock


Michael Moore had Haliburton stocks.

Rejecting the Boycotters at the Celebrate Israel Parade


Closing the communal tent to the promoters of Jew-hatred.

Meet the Craziest Anti-Israel Boycotter


“Kat uses gender neutral pronouns to define themselves and their identity.”

Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin Supports BDS, Just Not When She’s Investing


Medea’s money is working hard for her in Intel, General Electric, and Caterpillar

Forgetting Freedom at Passover


What the Jewish community should learn from the attacks on Brendan Eich and Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

The BDS Perversion of Reality


Facts are optional in the anti-Israel economic warfare movement.

Jewish Student Reveals the Real History of Israel in 4 Minutes


This one really is worth watching

Scarlett Johansson Confirms Oxfam Departure was Because of Israel Boycott

“There’s plenty of evidence that Oxfam does support and has funded a BDS movement in the past.”