Iran Honors Bin Laden Mentor and Murderer of 220 US Marines


Mughniyeh killed more Americans than any other terrorist until 9/11.

Iran & Syria Accuse Israel in Beirut Suicide Bombings


A case of projection?

Iran’s New Defense Minister: An Anti-American Terrorist


Introducing the newest member of the Islamic Republic’s nuclear “negotiating” team.

Beirut: The Next Benghazi?


How long before jihadists ransack another under-protected consulate?

US Embassy in Beirut Unprepared for Attack

Gamaa Islamiya

The State Department is failing to adequately protect U.S. diplomats in Beirut, leaving them without necessary counterterrorism training

Syrian Civil War Spilling into Lebanon


On September 14, 1982, Bashir Gemayel, the leader of Lebanese Forces, was assassinated by a car bomb near the headquarters of Lebanese Forces… and quite near the site of today’s bombing. That killing was carried out by the Syrian Social National Party. It is entirely likely that the Syrian Social National Party was responsible for today’s work as well.

Do Clothes Make the Muslim?


Buddhists don’t wear burqas.

When Israel Stood Up to Washington


Thirty years ago, in contrast to Netanyahu’s repeated apologies, Menachem Begin adopted quite a different approach.

History as Propaganda


Anti-Israel professor Rashid Khalidi politicizes and academic awards ceremony.

Collaborators in the War Against the Jews: Jennifer Loewenstein


For this professional Israel-basher, Hamas is really just a peace movement.