Yellen Unlikely to Stop Fed’s Money-Printing Addiction


The choice that awaits Ben Bernanke’s heir apparent.

Ben Bernanke Has Betrayed Us All

Federal Reserve Chairman parrots Obama propaganda on getting rid of the debt ceiling.

Firing Up the Money Printing Presses


Robbing Main Street to help Wall Street.

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Central Bank Band-Aid


Why cheaper dollars won’t solve the underlying problems at the heart of the EU crisis.

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A Bailout Monstrosity


Why the financial industry isn’t any more secure than before the meltdown.

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The Fed’s Failures


Has the central bank done all it can do?

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Why No Anti-Obama Signs?


Occupy Wall Street is about scapegoating, not accountability.

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The New York Times’ Rose Colored Glasses On The Economy

The New York Times is carrying a front-page article today entitled “Why So Glum? Numbers Point To A Recovery.”  It is but the latest example of how The Times has turned into an propaganda instrument of the Obama administration.
Floyd Norris, the article’s author and the chief financial correspondent of The New York Times, argues that [...]

The Future of Capitalism


Ira Stoll surveys the economic scene.

The Bernanke Nomination –

The White House said yesterday it has damped down a political revolt against Ben Bernanke and now has the votes to secure the Federal Reserve Chairman’s second four-year term. Whether or not Mr. Bernanke is confirmed, the lesson we draw is that overly political central bankers will eventually be undone by politics. There’s no doubt […]