Bipartisan Senate Panel: Benghazi Attack Could Have Been Prevented


15 people helpful to the United States have since been killed in Benghazi.

Islamist Militia Behind Benghazi Attack Makes a Comeback, Obama Golfs


But at least the guy who made the Mohammed movie is in jail. Mission accomplished.

Senate Homeland Security Committee Benghazigate Report Blasts Obama, State Department for Covering Up Islamic Terrorism


One of the key lessons of this Committee’s six-year focus on the threat of violent Islamist extremism is that, in order to understand and counter the threat we face, we must clearly identify that threat.

“Near Total Lack of Progress” Bringing Benghazi Attackers to Justice


The Washington Post tells us that there is little sign of movement in the FBI probe. It quotes House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers who reports “a near total lack of progress in bringing these terrorists to justice.”