State Dept: US Embassy in Libya Held by Jihadists is “Secure”

Benghazi was also secure.

Citizens Commission on Benghazi: Obama Provided Material Support to Terrorists

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“The war in Libya was unnecessary, served no articulable U.S. national security objective”

Benghazi Cleric: “We Don’t Want Women’s Soccer! We Want More Floggings!”


These girls are exposing their heads. Is this to be allowed? In a few months’ time, they will be exposing their legs.

Ambassador Stevens’ Final Diary Entry: “Never-Ending Security Threats”

hillary clinton what difference does it make

Stevens’ last words indicated an awareness that events were closing in on him. The same policies that brought him to Benghazi had also made him expendable.

Benghazigate Congressional Report: Obama Inc. Lied About Video, Hillary Knew About Inadequate Security

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A State Department cable bearing Secretary Hillary Clinton’s signature acknowledged Ambassador Cretz’s request for additional security assets but ordered the withdrawal of security elements

Libyan Authorities Fail to Arrest Benghazi Attackers, Arrest 100 Christians Instead


Apparently Christian missionaries should form militias armed with RPGs if they want to avoid being arrested by the Libyan authorities.

Benghazi Consulate was Tasked with Training Islamist Militia Members


The guards were members of the February 17 Brigade, a militia linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. Despite being hired to guard the consulate, the militia members were apparently supposed to be armed and trained by the US consulate. The State Department, instead of providing proper security, was using the consulate to train Islamist militia.

Pimp with a Limp: Obama Skipped Intel Briefings Week Before Attacks

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Obama found time to do multiple radio interviews, discuss Nicky Minaj, Hip Hop music and the Buccaneers. On September 11, this is what Obama was doing instead of attending a national intelligence briefing.