Hillary Speaks by Remote Satellite to Dodge Protest by Benghazi Mom


“Hillary cannot be president,” she said. “Anybody but Hillary. She lied to me to my face.”

CIA Deputy Director Removed “Islamic” from Benghazi Talking Points to Avoid Offending Muslims


You don’t want to offend Muslims in talking points about a Muslim act of terror.

Hillary Clinton Flees Protest Led by Mother of Man Murdered in Benghazi

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton angrily retorted “What difference…does it make ?”

51% of Americans Think Hillary is Lying about Benghazi

hillary clinton what difference does it make

Now we’re finally finding out what difference it makes.

No $$$ for Benghazi Security, but State Department Insures $200 Mil in “Art”


How much security for Benghazi would selling this “masterpiece” have bought?

Senators Accuse Hillary Clinton’s CIA Ally of Lying About Benghazi Under Oath


“I’ve always thought Mike was a straight-up guy.”

Obama Lied With Every Word


Perpetual falsehoods throughout the entire O’Reilly interview.

Clinton “Regrets” Benghazi

Hillary Clinton Addresses National Automobile Dealers Association Convention

The shaping of the narrative for the 2016 presidential campaign begins.

Employee Who Denied Extra Security to Benghazi Mission Promoted to Regional Security Officer

hillary 2016  button

“You can actually get someone killed and be rewarded”.

News Networks Covered Michelle’s Birthday 2X as Benghazi Report


10 minutes on Michelle’s birthday vs. just 2 minutes on Benghazi