Benghazi: Judge Jeanine Pirro Utterly Destroys Hillary Clinton


The judge nails the coffin shut on Clinton’s duplicity and negligence as Secretary of State.

New York Times Discredited on Benghazi


Senate Intelligence Committee confirms no protests, Al-Qaeda involvement.

Bipartisan Senate Panel: State Department Failed to Secure Benghazi Mission Despite Multiple Requests


Ambassador Stevens asked for a minimum of 13 security personnel. He got 3

Bipartisan Senate Panel: Benghazi Attack Could Have Been Prevented


15 people helpful to the United States have since been killed in Benghazi.

Top Dem Senator Shoots Down New York Times Benghazi YouTube Hoax


Feinstein said the New York Times investigation into the Benghazi attack is wrong.

New Declassified Docs Expose Obama’s Benghazi Lies


What the president likely knew — and when he knew it.

The Hidden Fees of ObamaCare — on The Glazov Gang


Surprise, surprise: it isn’t free.

Majority of Americans Believe Obama Lied about Benghazi


A majority also disapprove of Hillary Clinton’s handling of Benghazi

State Department Renewed Benghazi Lease w/o Security Requirement


Hillary’s State Department exempted it from normal security requirements.

Obama Donor Helped Free Terrorist Behind Benghazi Attack


Ratner has aided several detainees at Guantanamo Bay