The Innocence of Hillary


It will never be Hillary’s fault.

Bill Whittle: Why Benghazi Matters


A Truth Revolt video.

US Intel Knew in Real Time Benghazi Attack was Terrorism from Intercepted Phone Calls


They knew and they lied.

Hillary Clinton: Benghazi “More of a Reason” to Run for President


Also the Titanic is more of a reason to go on a cruise.

Hillary’s Latest Benghazi Defense: “She’s Incompetent”

hillary clinton what difference does it make

Hillary Clinton wants to be Commander in Chief… but don’t ask her to look at blueprints.

Benghazi, Bergdahl and Hamas

Obama change he can believe in

The common thread in Obama’s foreign policy.

Woodward: Unanswered Questions About Hillary and Benghazi Remain


“Did she keep a diary?”

Hillary Clinton Too Patriotic to Politicize Her Failure to Save 4 Americans from Being Killed

Pick your patriot

It’s a shame that Pat Smith, the mother of one of the Benghazi dead, isn’t as patriotic as Hillary.

Gaddafi Didn’t Destroy Benghazi, but a Garbage Strike Might


The garbage is causing traffic jams where it blocking the roads.

Hillary Stacks the Benghazi Select Committee


The Democratic establishment isn’t out to find the truth. It’s out to protect Hillary.