Left Blames Benghazi on Bush Listening to Them and Freeing Gitmo Terrorist

I blame Bush for listening to us

The Left: “You’re raping the Constitution. You’re worse than Hitler. Free the terrorists!”

State Dept Kills New York Times Lie About Al Qaeda and Benghazi


The State Department is expected to tie Qumu’s group to the Benghazi attack

Benghazi Family Members Blast New York Times Cover-Up

charles woods benghazi

“The story contradicts objective truth and established facts”

Benghazi Victims’ Families Demand Real Investigation


Families of the fallen and military leaders call for action — will Speaker Boehner respond?

The New York Times Destroys Obama


An unintentional mortal blow to the Obama administration and its Middle East policy.

Benghazi – The Signs of Al Qaeda

Jihadist Hand Sign

A review of the jihadist hand signs and graffiti that were used during the Benghazi attack.

Benghazi: New York Times vs US Intel Officials

from Doug Ross at Director Blue

Benghazi attackers included Ansar al-Shariah and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb

Yes, Al-Qaeda ‘Infiltrated’ Libya


The game of semantics meant to mislead us.

Did the New York Times Overreach with its Benghazi Whitewash?


The New York Times claims Ansar al-Sharia has nothing to do with Ansar al-Sharia.

The New York Times’ Benghazi Revisionism


Clearing the deck for Hillary Clinton in 2016.